There's a little pub tucked in an old bungalow on the westside of Bend where locals hang out, swapping stories of their latest adventures and hidden powder stashes. When Hopped Up Jewelry creator & designer, Kimberly Markley, first moved west from Ohio, she lucked into a part-time job at this hidden gem. After a few months of pouring tasty pacific northwest beer for thirsty, craft beer lovin' folk, she created a pair of hop flower earrings on a whim to wear to work. It wasn't long before she was selling them right off her ears and learning new techniques to create fresh designs for her friends to wear. After taking some time off in 2014 to travel and search the ends of the earth for inspiration and courage, she decided to move back home to Central Oregon and invest time into growing her tiny little biz into a full time job. From first design to final finish work, she bends, shapes, forges & stamps each unique piece of jewelry into art for you to wear & enjoy. 

And that, kids, is the short story of how Hopped Up Jewelry came to be. Follow along on the blog for further adventures and news!